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Stable Isotope-Labeled Peptides

Synpeptide Co Ltd HeavyPeptide AQUA Custom Synthesis Service provides isotopically labelled, AQUA-grade peptides for the relative and absolute quantitation of proteins at very low concentrations in complex protein mixtures. Peptides are synthesized using the latest Fmoc solid-phase technology and purified by HPLC. All HeavyPeptide sequences come with mass spectrometric analysis, and AQUA Ultimate and QuantPro-grade peptides also come with analytical HPLC data. Additionally, we offer a wide range of labels, modifications, scales, and purities.

· Quality—synthesized using pure materials and packaged using ArgonGuard
· Accuracy—concentration precision for reproducible results
· Sensitivity—provides for the absolute quantification of low-abundance proteins
· Specificity—Up to 100% peptide sequence specificity
· Flexibility—extensive list of available modifications, solvents, concentrations, and formats
Contact us using this email addresses peptide@synpeptide.com
Product options
Additional light amino acids to extend the peptide length
Additional heavy amino acid on each peptide
Multiple solvents, concentrations and aliquot sizes available
Peptides delivered in various formats (e.g., 96-well plate with or without detachable tubes in glass or plastic, 2D barcodes, etc.)

Peptide modifications
Single or double phosphorylation (pY, pT or pS)
Cysteine carbamidomethylation (CAM)‡
Pryoglutamic acid
Methionine oxidation (Met[O])
Other modifications available on request
‡CAM tends to cause cyclisation at the N-terminus. Fully cyclized form can be provided upon request.

Biomarker discovery, verification and validation
Functional quantitative proteomics
Quantitation of post-translational modifications
Confirmation of RNA interference (RNAi)
Clinical biochemistry for drug and metabolite monitoring
Anti-doping testing
Protein expression monitoring
Cell signal profiling and pathway validation
We offer a wide range of labels:

Alanine A +4 Da U-13C3, 15N >99%
Arginine R +10 Da U-13C6, 15N4 >99%
Isoleucine I +7 Da U-13C6, 15N >99%
Leucine L +7 Da U-13C6, 15N >99%
Lysine K +8 Da U-13C6, 15N2 >99%
Phenylalanine F +10 Da U-13C9, 15N >99%
Proline P +6 Da U-13C5, 15N >99%
Valine V +6 Da U-13C5, 15N >99%
Alanine A +1 Da 15N >99%
Leucine L +1 Da 15N >99%
Isoleucine I +1 Da 15N >99%
Arginine R +4 Da 15N4 >99%
Lysine K +2 Da 15N2 >99%
Phenylalanine F +1 Da 15N >99%
Proline P +1 Da 15N >99%
Valine V +1 Da 15N >99%
Alanine A +3 Da U-13C3 >99%
Arginine R +6 Da U-13C6 >99%
Isoleucine I +6 Da U-13C6 >99%
Leucine L +6 Da U-13C6 >99%
Lysine K +6 Da U-13C6 >99%
Phenylalanine F +9 Da U-13C9 >99%
Proline P +5 Da U-13C5 >99%
Valine V +5 Da U-13C5 >99%
Alanine A +3 Da U-13C3 >99%
Arginine R +6 Da U-13C6 >99%
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