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flg22, Flagellin Fragment Syn-60403

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flg22, Flagellin Fragment
Catalog syn-60403
(One-Letter Code)
(Three-Letter Code)
H - Gln - Arg - Leu - Ser - Thr - Gly - Ser - Arg - Ile - Asn - Ser - Ala - Lys - Asp - Asp - Ala - Ala - Gly - Leu - Gln - Ile - Ala - OH
Molecular Weight 2272.5
Description This is 22 amino acids flagellin peptide known as flg2. It spans the core domain necessary for binding and biological activity in plant cells. This peptide spanning the 22 amino acids in the core of the conserved domain induces responses after treatment with fungal elicitors such as chitin fragments, xylanase, ergosterol, and high-mannose–type glycopeptides when applied in subnanomolar concentrations. Flagellin is the structural protein that forms the major portion of flagellar filaments. Flagellins from different bacterial species vary in their central part but show conservation of their N-terminal and C-terminal regions.
Storage -20°C

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