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Listeria monocytogenes Listeriolysin O; LLO (91 - 99) Syn-60395

Product Name  
Listeria monocytogenes Listeriolysin O; LLO (91 - 99)
Catalog Syn-60396
(One-Letter Code)
(Three-Letter Code)
H - Gly - Tyr - Lys - Asp - Gly - Asn - Glu - Tyr - Ile - OH
Molecular Weight 1058.1
Description This peptide is the H2-Kd-restricted epitope of Listeriolysin O (LLO), consisting of amino acids 91 to 99. LLO is necessary for Listeria monocytogenes to escape the vacuoles of host cells and enter the cytoplasm during infection. This fragment has been shown to be a potential vaccine candidate against L. monocytogenes by eliciting a CTL response in vivo.
Storage -20°C

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