Prevent Aging With the New Anti Aging Skin Care Peptide Technology
2018-09-10 10:12:00  

Prevent Aging With the New Anti Aging Skin Care Peptide Technology
You've most likely seen some of the latest skin care marketing, with a picture of a ladies head in a before and after shot with a caption along the lines of: "2 minutes later and your skin's wrinkles will have been eliminated by up to 82%!".
Well lets be clear. If serums or anti wrinkle creams can deliver the same results as a wrinkle filling injection, such as Botox - they would be labeled drugs and not cosmetics.
Skin dermatologists believe that due to the fact there are no medical journals published to purport such treatment technology then we should all hold some reservations to some of what Olay, Regenerist of Clinique claim.
This is true, but skin doctors who work for anti aging brands such as Olay will suggest that there is more than ample science to back their products claims, and the scientific published proof if you will comes not from anti-wrinkle tests but original studies used to address the healing of minor wounds.
This treatment technology comes in the form of what's known as pentapeptide research. Such research which is recorded on, Americas Online Medical Journal Resource Center, states that "peptides are instrumental in increasing cells in the skin to produce more collagen".


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