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Fluorescence/Dye Custom Peptide Modifications

Fluorescent Peptides
Labeling peptides with fluorescent dyes or other labels provides powerful tools for the investigation of biological relevant interactions like receptor-ligand-binding, protein structures, and enzyme activity.
Synpeptide offers a wide range of fluorescent peptide modification services which including Cy3、Cy5、Cy5.5、Cy7、FAM、FITC、Rhodamine B、TAMRAEDANS、DABCYL、HYNIC、DOTA、NOTA、DOPA......
 FITC under Electron Microscope                 Rhodamine B in 3d model     
FITC Conjugated  Peptides
Labeled peptides can be prepared by either modifying isolated peptides or by incorporating the label during solid-phase synthesis. Three strategies are used to label peptides with dyes:
1, Labeling during synthesis of peptide. Dyes that are not damaged by unblocking procedures are incorporated onto the amino terminus of the peptide chain.
2, Synthetic peptides can be covalently modified on specific residues and labels incorporated following synthesis.
3, Synthetic peptides may be covalently labeled by amine- or thiolre active protein labels.

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