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Cyclic Peptides and Branched Peptides

Constraints by cyclization at either the backbone or side chain of the peptide are expected to reinforce and enhance the stability of the 3D-structure, such as α-helix, as well as the increment of the resistance to the enzymatic digestion.

Cyclized Peptides
Head-to-tail cyclization

X = NH : polypeptide
X = O : depsipeptide
(including N-methyl amino acids)
R=H : cyclo(X-Pro)
R=OH : cyclo(X-Hyp)
Staple peptide
site-specific ligation using olefin metathesis
Cyclization at side chain
X=O : lactone
X=S : thiolactone

[Asu 1,6]-Oxytocin
Branched Peptides(Isopeptides)
Branched at Asp/Glu
n=1 : Asp
n=2 : Glu
Branched at Lys
Branched at Ser/Thr

X=H : Ser
X=CH3 : Thr
We have lots of successful syntheses of the cyclic peptides as well as the branched peptides.
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