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CGMP Peptides

Synpeptide Co Ltd is a leading provider of innovative peptide-based services and research tools, as well as a
research and development partner for projects dealing with peptide discovery, qualification and optimization
in various applications fields.

Synpeptide Co Ltd is the partner of many universities and pharmaceutical companies from all over the world, offer the more high quality peptide services to researchers ,and in 2017 ,we start the cGMP peptides service ,please trust that Synpeptide will be the best partner for your cGMP peptide needs.

for GMP Peptide :
· Raw material qualification
· Synthetic method development, validation and scale up
· Product Purification
· GMP/GLP analytic method development and validation
· Release specification design and testing
· Stability testing
· GMP packaging
· GMP compliance documentation

 Certificate of Analysis for GMP Peptide

· Purity by HPLC
· Heavy metal by ICP-MS
· Residual organic solvent by GC
· Bioburden or microbial tests
· Amino acid analysis
· Solubility
· Molecular Weight by MS
· Amino acid analysis
· Water content
· Endotoxin
· Peptide Content (nitrogen estimation)
· Counter Ion Content (% TFA) by IC
· Appearance



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